Static detectors

Static detectors from nostatic are measuring instruments for quickly locating static charges and indicating the level and polarity of the charge.

  • No-contact measurement.
  • Simple. Just press the button and measure.
  • Easy to read, both in direct light and in dimly lit environments.
  • Measures the level of the charge and polarity.
  • Small. The detector easily fits in your pocket.
  • Battery powered.
  • Production is quality assured with  ISO9001:2015.

Statiska detektorer är certifierade enligt ISO 9001-2015

About Static Electricity

Static electricity is generated when two insulating materials in motion come into contact with each other and one material transfers electrons to the other. This creates an excess of electrons in one surface and a deficit in the other.

Because the materials are electrically insulating, the charge remains and cannot be diverted by itself. Hence “static”.

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NoStatic Static Detector är ett mätinstrument för att snabbt kunna lokalisera statiska laddningar