Power Units

Power units are built to provide ionizers and equivalent equipment with the required voltage to safely and efficiently perform the task. They are in all cases developed for connection and voltage regulation of ionizers and charging rods within the Nostatic range.

Production is quality assured with ISO9001:2015.

Centralenheter och spänningsenheter är certifierade enligt ISO 9001-2015


NoStatic Central unit NS09B

Central Unit NS09B
Compact unit for Ionizers type SER, SEC and JBT.

NoStatic Central unit NS10D

Central Unit NS10D
High-efficiency unit with low losses, for SER, SEC and JBT.

NoStatic High Voltage Units HE10-1 HE10-3 för NS10D

High Voltage Units HE10-1 and HE10-3
Converts the pulses from the central unit NS10D to high voltage.

For Long Range

NoStatic Long Range Central unit 4 CCU-LR

Central Unit CCU/LR
24 V Central unit with 4 outputs for Long Range.

NoStatic Long Range Central unit 1 LR24V01

Central Unit LR24V01
24 V unit with 1 output for Long Range.

NoStatic Long Range High Voltage Unit LR-HVLE

High Voltage Unit LR-HVLE
For Long Range and all LR-LE electrodes.

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