SEC Ionizer Rings

SEC Ionizer Rings are designed for pneumatic systems and vacuum transport systems for plastic granules and waste disposal. Processes such as granulation and waste handling build up static charges in the material. By installing the Ionizer ring before the problematic section, the loaded material is neutralised which prevents it from clogging pipes, vents or collecting vessels during transport and separation.

  • Continuous neutralization of materials in tubing systems.
  • Adaptable to any tubing system.
  • Can be supplied in all dimensions from Ø 50 to 300 mm.
  • Options: flanges, air connection, split (two-piece), quick connections.
  • Production quality assured with ISO9001:2015.

Central- och spänningsenheter är certifierade enligt ISO 9001-2015

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NoStatic SEC jonisator ring anslutning.

 Ionizer ring with flange. Assembly in the tube length.

NoStatic SEC jonisatorringar