JBT Air Nozzle Ionizers

JBT Air Nozzle Ionizers provides longer reach than standard ionizers as they use air to move ions.

  • Aluminium tube: Ø 20 and 30 mm.
  • Lengths: 60, 100, and 250 mm.
  • Production quality assured with  ISO9001:2015.

JBT air ionizers are certified in accordance with ISO 9001-2015.

About Static Electricity

Static electricity is generated when two insulating materials in motion come into contact with each other and one material transfers electrons to the other. This creates an excess of electrons in one surface and a deficit in the other.

Because the materials are electrically insulating, the charge remains and cannot be diverted by itself. Hence “static”.

Read more about the value of protecting production from static electricity.

NoStatic JBT Blåsjonisatorer ger längre räckvidd än vanliga jonisatorer då de använder luft för att förflytta jonerna.