IonTube Antistatic System

IonTube antistatic system is designed to be integrated in transport systems with plastic granules and spill handling of plastic film. IonTube takes care of the static charge that may occur in the material which causes problems during transport and separation in the piping system after granulation and cutting.

The tube is installed before the problematic section. It neutralizes the statically charged material and prevents it from “sticking” to the pipes, outlet and walls of the collecting vessel.

  • Complete tube section with antistatic function for easy installation.
  • Adaptable to existing system.
  • Maintenance-free in typical environments.
  • Uses the same maintenance-free ionizing emitters as in our Long Range system.
  • Adjustable frequency for optimization of speed and tube diameter.
  • Production quality assured with ISO9001:2015.

Central- och spänningsenheter är certifierade enligt ISO 9001-2015

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IonTube placement

The IonTube is installed before the problem area and neutralizes the statically charged material that passes through.

NoStatic IonTube antistatsystem