Ionizers type SER

Ionizers type SER are designed for eliminating static charges at a distance of 10 – 30 mm. The ionization distance can be increased by using compressed air.

  • Aluminium profile, Ø 28 mm.
  • Lengths 500 – 3,000 mm.
  • <6,000 mm with reinforced U-profile.
  • Production in accordance with ISO9001:2015.

Central- och spänningsenheter är certifierade enligt ISO 9001-2015

NoStatic Jonisator SER-52T och SERS-52.

SER/52T och SERS/52
Standard ionizer.

NoStatic jonisator SER-62T och SERS-62.

SER/62T och SERS/62
Perforated back. For use in dusty environments.

NoStatic jonisator SER-82T.

Ionizer in U-profile. For lengths over 3 meter.

NoStatic jonisator SER-92T.

Ionizer with air blower for longer distances.

About Static Electricity

Static electricity is generated when two insulating materials in motion come into contact with each other and one material transfers electrons to the other. This creates an excess of electrons in one surface and a deficit in the other.

Because the materials are electrically insulating, the charge remains and cannot be diverted by itself. Hence “static”.

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