Charging Rod CBE-LR-P and CBE-LR-N

Charging Rod CBE-LR-P and CBE-LR-N are the opposite of our ionizers and instead developed to create an intended positive (P) or negative (N) charge in materials undergoing special industrial processes.

Product Data

  • PVC charging bar with internal charge generator for positive (+) or negative (-) polarity.
  • 24VDC.
  • Connection to a Long Range power unit.
  • Supplied in lengths from 350 mm to 4000 mm.
  • Production quality assured with ISO9001:2015.

Charging Rod Type CBE-LR-P and CBE-LR-N are certified in accordance With ISO 9001-2015

To Use Static Electricity

Static electricity is generated when two insulating materials in motion come into contact with each other and one material transfers electrons to the other. This creates an excess of electrons in one surface and a deficit in the other.

Because the materials are electrically insulating, the charge remains and cannot be diverted by itself. Hence “static”.

This is usually an undesirable condition but can be used in certain industrial processes to adhere or position components. It is also used for a special varnishing method.

Charging Rod CBE-LR-P and CBE-LR-N are easy-to-handle tools to create this effect.

NoStatic laddstav CBE-LR-P CBE-LR-N har inbyggd laddningsgenerator för positiv eller negativ polaritet.