This is a compilation of all products in the NoStatic range – what we have developed and sold on a number of international markets. Production is ISO9001:2015 certified. Long Range is GS-TÜV approved.

Liros och NoStatic Long Range är certifierat enligt ISO9001-2015 och GS TUV.

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Ionizers type SER

NoStatic Jonisator SER-52T och SERS-52.

SER/52T and SERS/52
Standard ionizer.

NoStatic jonisator SER-62T och SERS-62.

SER/62T and SERS/62
Perforated back. For use in dusty environments.

NoStatic jonisator SER-82T.

Ionizer in U-profile. For lengths over 3 meter.

NoStatic jonisator SER-92T.

Ionizer with air blower for longer distances.

Air Nozzle Ionizers

Nostatic JBT Air Nozzle Ionizers eliminates static electricity with air.

JBT Air Nozzle Ionizers
For longer range than standard ionizers.

Nostatic JBT Air Nozzle Ionizers eliminates static electricity with air.

IonJet Air Nozzle
Deeper action

Other Ionizers

NoStatic SEC ionizer rings

SEC Ionizer Rings
Designed for pneumatic systems and vacuum transport systems.

NoStatic Long Range antistatic system

Long Range
Enables neutralizes static electricity at greater distances.

NoStatic IonTube antistatic system

ION Tube
To be placed in transport systems for plastic granules and spills.

NoStatic LR-LE ionizer elektrode

Ionizer Elektrode LR-LE
Compact electrode for installation on machines and in transport systems.

Power Units

NoStatic Central unit NS09B

Central Unit NS09B
Compact unit for Ionizers type SER, SEC and JBT.

NoStatic Central unit NS10D

Central Unit NS10D
High-efficiency unit with low losses, for SER, SEC and JBT.

NoStatic Central unit NS09B

High Voltage Units HE10-1 and HE10-3
Converts the pulses from the central unit NS10D to high voltage.

NoStatic Long Range Central unit 4 CCU-LR

Central Unit CCU/LR
24 V central unit with 4 outputs for Long Range .

NoStatic Long Range Central unit 1 LR24V01

Central Unit LR24V01
24 V unit with 1 output for Long Range.

NoStatic Long Range High Voltage Unit LR-HVLE

High Voltage Unit LR-HVLE
For Long Range and all LR-LE electrodes.

Other Products

NoStatic charging rod type CBE-LR-P CBE-LR-N

Charging Rod CBE-LR-P typ CBE-LR-N
To create an intended positive (P) or negative (N) charge.

NoStatic Static Detector

Static detectors
Measuring instruments to quickly locate static charges.

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