Made in Sweden – International Quality Concept

Since Christopher Polhem time (1661 – 1751), Swedish engineers have developed a large proportion of the world’s most significant inventions. Early examples are the padlock, the universal joint and the temperature scale “Celsius”. Later came the dynamite, the safety match, light concrete and the computer color screen. These and other technological breakthroughs have been mated to long-term processing of natural resources such as wood, iron ore and minerals, which has in addition placed Sweden on the world map for strong, sustainable end products with undeniable functionality – Made In Sweden.

NoStatic is Made in Sweden

At Nostatic we do not take credit for these groundbreaking inventions or production methods, but we are undoubtedly working in the same Swedish tradition. We combine deep analysis and creative thinking with materials and a craftsmanship that year after year has solved many industrial problems.

All our products are developed in Sweden and assembly and testing are still carried out within the country’s borders. “Made in Sweden” is a long-known worldwide quality concept and we will definitely continue to contribute.

The NoStatic Team

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Christopher Polhem var en svensk uppfinnare och industrialist kallad Den svenska mekanikens fader.

Christopher Polhem (1661 – 1751)

KTH is Made in Sweden

IVA is Made in Sweden